Prototype 2

Second Prototype: The prototype was the structure of the ShopZilla app using smart packaging technology. Though smart packaging technology based on NFC is currently being used on a limited scale, it has not been expanded to full consumer needs. To address this immediate limitation, modified the application with little less functionality, but still functional. The grocery list and my shopping list in the application are provided an option for manual entry. In this second prototype, additional features have been added, in this I can track all the groceries by manual entry and customer can edit the grocery quantity depending on their usage. Once they modify the usage, once the quantity drops equal to 25 or below 25% it adds that the item in the MyList tab where they can track all the list of items to be ordered. The application is fully functional even without smart packaging technology with minimal manual assistance.

Challenges: This application is ready to roll with some manual interaction, but this application still needs more updates especially need to identify how to communicate the application. The strategic vision is to bring the complete e functionality of the application using smart packaging technology.

Another challenge is once the order is completed, my list should default back to empty.