Extra Credit 1

Extra Credit 1: John Rich Exponential Trends in Media


This presentation is very impressive and immersive by John Rich. Which compliments the Age of AI movie which we watched earlier. Excellent presentation on how the future is being shaped based on AI and how technology is advancing exponentially.

What is more impressive about the presence of AI already in our everyday life and humans adapting to the technology. Example of current AI technologies like Nest or Alexa have been rapidly evolving understanding human behavioral patterns. These technologies certainly improve the quality of life, but at the same time have a significant influence on privacy.

Questions raised by the audience on the legal boundaries of machine intelligence, is extremely important. This will define the future of mankind both in the positive or if not handled appropriately in negative way.

Working for Health care industry, I certainly welcome AI influence on this segment, lot of positives to expect out of the technology, as very well explained by John Rich.