Design Challenge

What is the problem you are trying to solve? 


Based on my research there are many problems identified among working mothers. Among many challenges faced by working mothers, few challenges which resonated very among many working mothers include stress with cooking, grocery shopping, limited time available to spend with friends and family, kid’s education, focus on career, personal health, and wellbeing, time management for personal and professional development. In this workshop, I will be focusing on how to grocery shopping & cooking, which if streamlined has an opportunity to free up some valuable personal time for working mothers.


How to take the stress out of grocery shopping and cooking for working mothers. Spending quality time with kids and providing nutritious food to kids is becoming extremely hard for working mothers because they are trying to accomplish too many things in each day or a week. 


Take a stab at framing this challenge as a question:


How can working mothers save time by making shopping more efficient and not worrying about the cooking choices?


State the key outcome you are trying to achieve


Grocery shopping automation and cooking choices based on ingredients you have in hand. Streamlining this critical task has an opportunity to free up some valuable personal time for working mothers.


Write down important aspects of the context or constraints


Collaboration with the packaging industry to expand the smart packaging techniques to consumers.

Application security needs to be taken into account, as the application will be learning consumer dietary habits.


What are some possible solutions to your design question?


An application that tracks food usage, using smart packaging techniques. Application in-turn to communicate the shopping/required list to support services like Instacart with the approval of consumers.

What if Shop-share application. An application where one working mother collaborates with other working mothers in sharing shopping workload.

What if developing an application which can advise on possible food choices based on items available at home. 

What if create a group to have fun with kids while cooking.


Does your original design question need a tweak? Try it again.


Possible to expand not only for working mothers’ other groups of people.