Three competitors or similar entities trying to solve the same problem you are:

Name: Working Moms Connection (Support Group)
Description: This group is to provide support and resources to others.
Similarities: Challenges they face, asking for help input, and advice
Differences: Challenges they faced and solutions that worked for them, dividing this per community to know the people near your location and sharing the work with them

Name: eMeals-Healthy Meal Plans (App for Apple and Android)
Description: Provides meal planning, automated shopping list, and smart grocery pickup and delivery options.
Similarities: Mostly same like meal planning, grocery list, and smart grocery delivery
Differences: Using smart packaging identifying low produce from the pantry and refrigerator and restocking them with one push button from the selected store.

Name: Trello
Description: This is a virtual work board to assign the tasks, this is used to do simply to-do list to complicated work
Similarities: Assigning the work to employees and let them finish for you
Differences: Sharing the work between the people and not charging a service fee for that, instead of both sharing responsibilities depending on where they have work.