Carmona, Matthew. “The Place-Shaping Continuum: A Theory Of Urban Design Process.” Journal Of Urban Design 19.1 (2014): 2-36. Academic Search Complete. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.

This article discusses Urban Design. It begins by discussing urban design as a subject for investigation. This article focuses on London. It has a section called “Understanding Urban Design Process”. This section relates to the built environment in Atlanta because it goes into detail to discuss and understand Urban Design and how it is undertaken in different places, big or small. The next section discusses how urban design is situation in both place and time. How we act today is shaped by history of experience and practice. The urban design process starts before developmental proposals and these build up over a long period of time that causes changes all the way up to the present. It then gets into the actual process of urban design: designing, developing, using, and managing. This article is very detailed and well explained which is why I chose this source. There are a few terms and ideas in this article that are not defined which makes it a little difficult at times to understand exactly what the main point is. This source is scholarly making it a little difficult to read, but very informative and useful.