Design Team Member Reflection

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to have an alternative assignment for my final. Being offered this assignment made me feel like my hard work during this course had been noticed and that I was being rewarded for it. The most challenging part was finding good material for my topic of business destinations. Not many articles seemed to fit that were well done, so I had to do a lot of editing. I normally, I do not like working in a group because I end up having to do all of the work; however, being with the top-point earners, that was not the case. My team members were very helpful, and eager to get the project done promptly. Particularly, Alex was very helpful. He had some great ideas, and he was willing to help me when I asked for it. I definitely learned more about building websites during this project and this course. That is an important and helpful skill in the technologically advanced world that we live in. Overall, this was a great experience, and I think it is a good idea to be used in the course in the future. However, I like that it was for the top-point earners. I do not think it would have been enjoyable if I was working with different people.

Mid-term Reflection

Becoming more comfortable with writing annotated bibliographies and summaries are helpful to me in every class. I find myself thinking about the skills I have learned in English 1101 and 1102 when I am writing papers for other classes or taking notes from the textbook.

I tend to give more of an overview of what I am reading, but it is important to include details and to make connections to what I already know. As I am reading an article or textbook I will begin to think about what connections I can make while I am reading. Many times I get an idea while I am reading, but instead of writing down the thought I keep reading, then my idea is lost.

I have done some of the quizzes on D2L which are helpful to me because I have always struggled with reading comprehension. These quizzes give me the practice that I need to improve my skills. The office visits and Skype sessions have been helpful so that I can get one on one feedback on my drafts.

I believe I have done well with keeping up with the work in this course. At the beginning, I was behind because I joined late and did not come to an office hours visit, and that fear of being behind jump started me to get down to business. The reading summaries in particular are a struggle for me because of my difficulties with reading comprehension, so I spend hours on each one and do my best to be as descriptive and thorough as I can.

This course has been very similar to my English 1101 course with Ms. Busser. I am challenged to look at places for more than just their face value, and I have been developing my skills to be more descriptive and to make connections to things that I would have never seen a connection before.