Annotated Bib 8 Food Desert Solutions

“Food Access Challenge.” Center for Civic Innovation. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 March 2016. <>.
This webpage was made by an organization called Center for Civic Innovation. This group works towards solving the food desert problem across the United States. They attack the issue in many different ways like working with local landholders to grow foods, educating children in the area about the importance of nutritious food and how to be proactive about a positive change in their diet, and farm-to-table freshly prepared meals for children at school. The site gives the opportunity for the visitor of the webpage to get involved or to leave a donation, and it provides contact information to all of the entrepreneurs that lead the food desert solution projects listed above.

Fetzer, Mary. "4 Fab Lunch Salads." SheKnows. N.p., 01 Nov. 2013. Web. 22 Mar. 2016. .

Fetzer, Mary. “4 Fab Lunch Salads.” SheKnows. N.p., 01 November 2013. Web. 22 March 2016. <>.

It is important to be aware of how the issue I am discussing is being overcome, and I can evaluate what tactic or tactics may be the most effective. Along with the work being lead and encouraged by Michelle Obama, these organizations have the opportunity to make an impact on many needy families.

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