Annotated Bibliography 3

“Edgewood Community Learning Garden”. The Wylde Center. Clifton Farm. 2013. Web. 5 Feb. 2016. <>.

It is important that I have the direct information about the Edgewood Community Learning Garden (ECLG) for this paper. I have emailed the Garden Manager to get some answers to my questions that were not posted on this site. However, this article is helpful because I now know that it has a system setup for volunteers which gives me the impression that the ECLG is easily accessible to the entire community. Having the presence of the Garden accessible to children growing up in this urban environment is important so the children can see first hand how cool healthy foods can be. I would like to know if the food grown here is available for the children to eat, because so often, vegetables are expensive and in short supply in urban areas. The ECLG has the opportunity to educate children about healthy eating and how they can grow the food themselves. I hope to incorporate what the manager says into the paper to analyze how the garden has changed the community, who has access to it, and why it was built there.

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