Annotated Bibliography

This article is about a homeless men’s choir that were blessed with the opportunity of singing at the White House. They call themselves “The Homeward Choir”. The choir was birthed in 2012. Donal Noonan, the Director of Music Ministry at the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception church reached out to Katie Basher, who runs the Central Night Shelter for homeless men in Atlanta. Unfortunately, seven men weren’t able to go on the trip. Because of problems with drivers licenses, birth certificates, and things of that nature. “They get swallowed by red tape”, Noonan said. I chose this source because I was touched by it. It was something good done in the homeless community. I don’t see that this article has any flaws in it. The article is very straight forward and cuts straight to the point. This relates to some of the other sources I’ve looked at that show good done in the homeless community.

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