Annotated Bibliography

This article is about a young man named Nizar Alibhai. He’s a sophomore at the Atlanta International School. He decided to do a documentary on a homeless man, named James. This was a personal project that he decided to take on. James had been homeless for 2 years. Alibhai got him an extended stay at a hotel. He also got him a makeover, a cell phone, and new clothes. James got a security job. He said that he was tired of living like that. He hadn’t seen his mother in 6 months. Nizar got in contact with his mom for him. I chose this source because I really enjoy reading stories of people helping out the homeless. This source didn’t have any flaws, because it was a first hand account of all that Nizar did for James. This article connects back to my previous article, in which something good was done in the homeless community.

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