I chose to observe the Zaxbys on Ponce De Leon. The reason I chose Zaxbys is because most Zaxbys have a lot of different artifacts in them. However, this Zaxbys was different. Though I didn’t find any artifacts, I found a lot of different signs instead. Signs talking about wing flavors, Zaxbys history, popular items on the menu, and many more. All of the signs are very organized. The colors are very bold on the signs. Yellow, white, red. The Zaxbys was built in 2013, so it’s been around for 2 years. So, I can’t help but wonder if that’s why they don’t have any artifacts. Or maybe that’s just because they don’t want any. The Zaxbys is very nice. You can tell it hasn’t been around for too long. It’s very open and it has a lot of space. The site made me feel like I wanted to eat because the food smelled so good. The site is used in a business way. Zaxbys is a fast food chain. The people who use it are the customers and the employees. But ultimately Zaxbys says that the customer is the center of everything. Without the customer, there is no business. The Zaxbys is very loud obviously because of the many people that are there. Zaxbys advertises its uses by having a huge sign that says “Zaxbys”. Of course they have commercials and other ads too. But the sign is what brings the people in. Without the sign, most people wouldn’t know it was Zaxbys. I enjoyed observing the site.


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