GSU presenters @ CCCC

Look at this impressive list of scholars representing Georgia State University at the Conference on College Composition & Communication! 

Wed., Mar. 13th

Research Network Forum 301/302/303/304/305 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Plenary Speakers:

Samantha Blackmon, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Michael Harker, Georgia State University, Atlanta

Ben McCorkle, The Ohio State University, Marion Campus

MW.08Cripping Performance in the First-Year Writing Classroom

This workshop provides several strategies and activities for supercripping the first-year composition classroom. 403 Chair: Mary DeNora, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Workshop Facilitators: Lauren Brawley, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Heavenly Freeman, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Alix Gavin, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Michelle Gregory, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Sherena Huntsman, Utah State University, Logan Ashanti Kumari, University of Louisville, KY Deanna Laurette, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI Calli Melton, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Kristen Ruccio, Georgia State University, Atlanta


Thurs., Mar. 14th

10:30 – 11:45

A.01 Spotlight Session: Black Rhetoric Matters! The Routledge Reader of African American Rhetoric Editors of the new and innovative Routledge Reader of African American Rhetoric discuss anthologizing and historicizing Black rhetoric from various epistemologies such as gender and sexuality, literacy and education, religion and spirituality, and politics. Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom B Chair: Vershawn Ashanti Young, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Speakers: Jeffrey McCune, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, “The Quare of Queer” Vorris Nunley, University of California, Riverside, “Black Presence/Black Politics” Donja Thomas, The Ohio State University, Columbus, and Gahanna Jefferson Schools, OH, “Black Studies Matter: The Struggle for Liberation through Education” Elizabeth J. West, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “‘In the Name of God the Merciful’: Speaking Islam in Early African American Christian Discourse” Respondent: Gwendolyn Pough, Syracuse University, NY

A.40 What Moves, What Stirs: Choreographies of Song, Dance and Affect Our panel orients research to performance with regard to aurality and embodiment. 410 Chair: Irina Korotkina, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences Speakers: Morna Gerrard, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “Dancing in the Archives: Teaching the Choreography of Meaning Making” Alexis Pavenick, California State University, Long Beach, “A Librarian for Basic Comp Sings Out” Jessica Rose, Georgia State University, Alpharetta, “Dancing in the Archives: Teaching the Choreography of Meaning Making” Amy Williams, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, “Beyond Measurable and Replicable: How Writing Studies Can Research Affect”

3:15 – 4:30

D.33 Multilingual Learners’ Developing Identities as Writers through Reflection, Response, and Self-Assessment This session focuses on pedagogical writing strategies that promote multilingual learners’ growth as writers in a variety of writing assignments and classroom activities. 403 Chair: Mary Helen O’Connor, Georgia State University Perimeter College, Clarkston Speakers: Cynthia DeRoma, Yale University, New Haven, CT, “Performing Proficiency—What Really Matters to Second-Language Writers in Their Own Words” Carrie Kilfoil, University of Indianapolis, IN, “Performing Multilingualism in First-Year Composition: Postmonolingual Responses to Students’ Right to Their Own Language” Sharareh Taghizadeh Vahed, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, “Legitimate Peripheral Participation in the Act of Reflective Writing: An Ethnography of Second-Language Writers in Mainstream College Composition”

4:45 – 6:00

E.24 Performing Allyship: Approaching Inclusive Praxis in FYW This panel shares assignments, assessments, and theoretical frameworks to help instructors best perform the role of ally to diverse groups of students. 330 Speakers: Stephanie Graves, Georgia State University, Atlanta Meagan Malone, Georgia State University, Atlanta Kristen Ruccio, Georgia State University, Atlanta

E.32 Multimodal Remix Stage: Performing Translingual Power and Engagement in First-Year Writing This panel explores engagement initiatives and cultural performances that shake up traditional teaching and learning in composition classrooms. 403 Chair: Gretchen Cobb, Arkansas School for the Deaf, Little Rock

Speakers: Angela Christie, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “Watch Me Write: Collaborative Course Design and Performative Product in FirstYear Writing” Elisabeth Gumnior, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, “Baby Steps: Finding a Path toward Engagement and Activism in the FirstYear Writing Course” Suresh Lohani, The University of Texas at El Paso, “Performing Multimodal Remixes in Translingual Sites: The Need for InstructorInstitution Coalition in Rupturing the Existing Rhetoric Imbalance in the First Year” Elizabeth Lopez, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “Watch Me Write: Collaborative Course Design and Performative Product in First-Year Writing” Angela Morris, University of Memphis, TN, “Acculturate the Performance of Teaching: Managing Contentious Power Structures of Englishes as a Teaching Assistant”


Fri., Mar. 15th

8:00 – 9:15

F.35 Examining, Modeling, Coming of Age: Literacy Narratives across Contexts Speakers will explore how literacy narratives can be performed for inclusive learning across contexts and over time. 403 Chair: Mara Holt, Ohio University, Athens Speakers: Katie Brooks, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, “Modeling Identity in Appalachia: Performativity and Identification in the Literacy Narratives of Appalachian Teachers” Quanisha Charles, Jefferson Community & Technical College, Louisville, KY, “Examining Social (In)justices through Literacy Narratives in a Community College Multilingual Writing Course”

Doug Hall, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “Coming of Age in the Era of Acceleration: Rethinking Literacy Narratives as Pedagogies of Lifelong Learning”

Michael Harker, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “Coming of Age in the Era of Acceleration: Rethinking Literacy Narratives as Pedagogies of Lifelong Learning”

9:30 – 10:45

G.16 Spotlight Session: Methods for Emerging Researchers in Rhetoric and Composition This roundtable investigates how emerging scholars perform research methods. Speakers include ten emerging scholars; an established scholar and expert in research methodologies offers a response. 317/318 Chair and Roundtable Leader: Erin Kathleen Bahl, Kennesaw State University, GA, Chad Iwertz, The Ohio State University, Columbus Speakers: Paige Davis Arrington, Georgia State University, Atlanta Sarah E. Austin, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Lourdes Fernandez, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA Sherena Huntsman, Utah State University, Logan Ashanka Kumari, University of Louisville, KY Jens Lloyd, Drew University, Madison, NJ Noel Thistle Tague, University of Pittsburgh, PA Respondents: Heather Falconer, Curry College, Milton, MA Christa Teston, The Ohio State University, Columbus

G.41 Performing the Profession: Student/Faculty Collaborations and Faculty Development This panel expands current ideas about WAC faculty development and advanced students as co-creators of writing and rhetoric instruction. 410 Chair: Michele Ninacs, Buffalo State College, SUNY Speakers: Ashley Holmes, Georgia State University, Atlanta, “Performing and Partnering with Students in Teaching and Learning” Alison Lukowski, University of Wisconsin–Stout, “Programmatic Assessment, Undergraduate Raters, and Learning to Perform the Profession” Lacey Wootton, American University, Washington, DC, “Strategic Novices: Transfer of Learning and WAC Faculty Development”

2:00 – 3:15

J.43 Performing Care, Engaging Empathy Panelists explore strategies for performing empathy and ethics of care. 413 Chair: Michael Harker, Georgia State University, Atlanta Speakers: Mais Al-Khateeb, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, “Performing Care: Toward a Methodology of the ‘Hap’ for Rethinking Ethics of Hope and Care in Feminist Rhetorical Research” James Daniel, University of Washington, Seattle, “(Over)work Performance: Acceleration, Burnout, and the Role of Rhetoric and Composition” Sharon Yam, University of Kentucky, Lexington, “Deliberative Empathy and Storytelling”

3:30 – 4:30

FSIG.25 Graduate Student Standing Group: Job Market Workshop Sponsored by the Graduate Student Standing Group Annual meeting of the Graduate Student Standing Group. 403 Group Leaders: Rachel McCabe, Indiana University, Bloomington Matthew Sansbury, Georgia State University, Atlanta


Sat., Mar. 16th

12:30 – 1:45

N.04 Digital Literacy Work at the Margins: Transforming Everyday Digital Literacies A reassessment of digital inequalities; insights from African American coders, new media artists, and immigrant and refugee communities. 308 Speakers: Antonio Byrd, University of Wisconsin-Madison Julia Garrett, University of Wisconsin-Madison Christopher Lindgren, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Mary Helen O’Connor, Georgia State University Perimeter College, Clarkston

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