Call for DALN Volunteers at CCCC in Pittsburgh!

I’m writing to you on behalf of the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) team to request your help in staffing the DALN booth at the upcoming CCCC Conference in Pittsburgh. 

2018 was a big year for the DALN!

·      We saw Ben McCorkle present a DALN-themed Tedx talk in December.

·      The DALN inspired another CCDP edited collection, The Archive as Classroom: Pedagogical Approaches to the DALN (co-edited by Kathryn Comer, Michael Harker, and Ben McCorkle). 

·      In the hopes of continued international growth, we now offer apermission/consent form in Spanish for Spanish speaking contributors.

·      We also saw increased scholarly activity by researchers citing the DALN in publications as well as instructors from all over the country using this resource to engage students.


We want this steady growth to continue in 2019, but we could really use your help.Would you consider volunteering to work one shift collecting narratives at CCCC in Pittsburgh?

We hope to have at least 2 staff members during each session listed below so that we’ll have plenty of person power to encourage people to sit down and tell their literacy story.   

Please let me know (via email to if you can sign up for any of the sessions below. 

Once I have your requests, I’ll make up a final schedule and send it to everyone. Please indicate all potential availability (we promise not to overwork you—it just helps us better plan for consistent coverage).  


Thursday, March 14:

8:45-10:45: Michael Harker,





4:45-6:00: Michael Harker,


Friday, March 15:

8:45-10:45: Michael Harker,





4:45-6:00: Michael Harker, 


Saturday, March 16:

9:45-11:00: Michael Harker, 



Many thanks, in advance, for your generous time, collaboration, and willingness to consider this request.  We look forward to seeing you at CCCC in Pittsburgh! 

With best wishes,

Michael, on behalf of Ben and the DALN Team

p.s. Please forward this update and invitation to anyone who might be interested in joining the DALN Team in Pittsburgh.

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