Extended Deadline for RNF Works-in-Progress Presentations: Nov. 20th

See below for details about applying for the 2018 Research Network Forum, held the Wednesday before the CCCC. RNF is a great venue for graduate students who haven’t presented before, want to go to CCCCs but didn’t get in or missed the deadline, and/or are looking for feedback from scholars in the field on their works-in-progress. RNF is open to anybody (not just grad students), but I’ve found it’s a particularly fruitful spot for students with an early start on a project but not yet finished or polished enough to present formally at CCCCs–I found it to be really helpful for my research when I presented there in the past! New deadline for proposals: 11/20.
Good news!  We have extended the Research Network Forum deadline for works-in-progress presenters, discussion leaders, and editors to 11/20, so you have the opportunity to still submit to both the F2F and Virtual formats.
There is NO cost to participate in either the F2F or Virtual formats (F2F folks are expected to register for CCCC).
Research Network Forum proposals are due 11/20/17 at midnight for both Face-to-Face and Virtual RNF 2018 formats.  Do not miss your chance to participate as a work-in-progress presenter.  If you require an NCTE invitations for funding you must send in your e-proposal by 11/20.  


Hope to see you in person or virtually.  Please share.  #rnf4c #4c18
Risa Gorelick, Carrie Wastal & Gina Merys, RNF Co-Chairs
Keith Dorwick, Virtual RNF Chair

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