Deadline Extended to Nov. 7th for CCCC Digital Praxis Posters

Call for Digital Praxis Posters, CCCC 2018, Kansas City, Missouri
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***Deadline Extended to Nov. 7, 2017***

We are now accepting proposals for the 2018 Digital Praxis Posters in Kansas City, Missouri! The Digital Praxis Posters provide a space at CCCC for scholars and practitioners from across our field to share and discuss their innovative work with digital technologies. The DPP sessions invite a variety of work ranging from experimentation with new digital tools to the methodologies shaping research using these tools. 

Last year’s sessions were both very well attended and highly interactive. We do our best to provide an engaged audience by setting up two rounds of posters back to back. During the first round, second-round poster presenters are part of the audience. During the second round, first-round poster presenters are part of the audience. Of course, many others join in as well! DPP sessions are always filled with deep and engaging conversations about your project and the projects of others. We encourage presenters to involve graduate and undergraduate students in the preparation and delivery of their poster sessions. One goal of the DPP has always been to meet and talk to students from the classes or organizations where digital praxis is enacted! 

Proposals are invited in the following categories:
  1. Demonstration of digital tool
  2. Digital pedagogy assignment
  3. Research on or using digital tools
  4. Digital facets of community and advocacy
  5. Creative digital projects
  6. Languaging, laboring, and transforming digital spaces
Your participation in the DPP will NOT count as your one presentation at CCCC. Posters are generally held in a designated area during two sessions on Thursday  and Friday.  Poster proposals will be reviewed in parallel with the formal CCCC review process, and invited presenters will receive feedback from reviewers. After the review, we will provide accepted presenters with an official letter indicating that your proposal was reviewed and that you will be presenting in Kansas City. Names will also be in the Digital Praxis Posters program (handed out on site) and in the CCCC online program.

If you would like to propose a poster presentation (as a team or individually), please fill out the form at this address: new deadline is October 1, 2017.  

If you have any trouble with the online submission form, just send this information via email to
  • Full name, affiliation, and contact information.
  • A short 75 word description of your digital poster
  • A spiffy title
  • If appropriate, your team members’ names and emails
Because CCCC is committed to supporting these posters, we are promised an excellent space that is well equipped and connected: power, projection, screens, tables, and poster stands.

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