Wrapping it up

We’re nearly there! The end of the semester is upon us!

I always have grand ideas of a nice, thorough post to tie together our journey through the semester, but, alas, it didn’t happen.

Instead, I’d simply like to thank you for showing up this semester. As an instructor, I asked you to do a lot of experimental assignments in this course. While not all of them were successful, I truly appreciate your effort. 

And, of course, covid-19. Y’all have done a solid job of continuing to show up, communicating with me when you’ve run into issues (personal or technological), and engaging with the material despite the chaos that is the new normal. 

That being said, I have one last request for you. Please take 10-15 minutes to fill out this course reflection survey. Student feedback on the course and my teaching (whether they be glowing reviews or brutally honest in their constructive criticism) is so valuable for me in how I develop as an instructor and how I craft my courses in the next semester. Think of it as paying it forward to the next cohort of students that take my courses. 

I hope this summer brings you all health, comfort, and ease. 

A few quick reminders before I sign off: 

Your Course Reflection Paper is due tomorrow, Sunday May 3rd, by 11:59pm EST. 

All assignment grades, up until this point, have been logged in iCollege. If you see any issues, alert me by Wednesday, May 6th

Complete the course reflection survey by Wednesday May 6th. 


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One thought on “Wrapping it up

  1. Hey Ms. Van Holm, I was wondering what your policy on rounding up final grades was by any chance? (I sent you an email as well). I know teachers have different policies on this matter, thank you for your time!

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