Choice Project: next steps and point value adjustments

Today I commented on all of your individual Choice Assignment pages. Please take a moment to look at my comments. Generally, the feedback and tasks for this week include: 

Curate Content Assignment – Start collecting potential resources and posting them into your project page (in draft form). Also include quick notes about what each source contains content-wise, and link to the website or GSU catalogue permalink. I will comment with gaps and any potential issues I see

Expand a Topic – Start collecting potential resources and posting them into your project page (in draft form). Also start thinking about the flow and topics that your article will cover (ex: Background overview, specific context, subsections)

Attend a Healing Session – On your project page, list the name of the healing business you plan to attend, the scheduled date, and other pertinent details. If you’re planning to attend an Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese medicine session, make sure you’ve read Week 9’s course content before you go. I suggest you attend no later than March 13th to give you plenty of time to attend, reflect, write and post your assignment. 



The “star” values of the “Interactive Timeline” and “Multimedia Presentation” are now worth four stars (☆☆☆☆) instead of two.

I think many of you were opting out of that option because it required both assignments, and that was not a reasonable expectation on my end. Please give these assignments a second look and see if they spark your interest. 

If they do, and you’d like to switch the first project (that I’ve already commented on), please email me directly and then make the changes on your EduBlog. If you decide to tackle either of those projects for the second portion of the class, there’s no need to confirm with me. 

I hope you find this helpful, and thank you for being flexible with me while I figure out this project dynamic!

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