Choice Project is Live!

Whew! Y’all, that took so, SO much time and energy to get together. It’s definitely been a labor of love and I hope that shows as you consume it from a student perspective. I find that the courses where I’m introducing a new, somewhat experimental approach (at least in the university setting) are both the riskiest, but also seem to be the most successful. With that being said, I really hope it’s a process you enjoy over the course of the semester. 

Before we get to the specific details, I know I am late in getting the assignment materials to you. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

As a result, I’m pushing back the first due date to Sunday, March 22nd.*

  • Note: this is the last Sunday of Spring Break.

While that will give you a little extra time to tackle the assignment (although I honestly doubt many students work on course assignments during break), as you’ll see in the assignment details, there will be consistent check-in’s on your progress every Sunday. The process will not allow you to procrastinate and leave everything to the very end. 

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This may be a really foreign assignment concept to many of you. In essence, there are six different assignments with different values. You get to pick whichever assignments appeal to you.

You must complete four stars (☆☆☆☆) worth of assignments by March 22nd due date, and a total of eight (8) stars by the end of the semester. 

The landing page for the overall assignment links out to the individual assignment details, all housed within GoogleDocs. 

Your assignment this week (along with readings and reflections) is to review the overall Choice Project details, explore the each of the potential projects and their details, and then report in the Project Progress googlesheet what you’d like to tackle first. 

Post in the comments section any thoughts or questions you may have. I’m excited to know what you think. 

Tell me, what are you first impressions of the project design? What assignment are you most excited (or most intimidated) by? What CAM modality are you interested in learning more about, and how can you integrate that into your project?

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