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First of all, take a deep breath…

It’s Sunday evening, so that mean’s we’ve made it through the first parts of two assignments: the group discussions and the reflection post. I got a number of panicky emails, but y’all are doing great, I promise!  

That being said, we’re clearly working through a few kinks. Thank you for your patience as we work through this together, as a community. 

First, it looks like the EduBlogs automatically set comments to require manual approval. Make sure you go back into Settings > Discussion and adjust that setting. Here are step-by-step guides on how to adjust comments settings for past comments and overall

Also, I think a number of you waited until Sunday evening to post your reflections, so a lot of comments happened at the last minute as well.

How do you suggest we move forward in the scheduling of posts? Should posts be due by Friday, and then comments by Sunday? Or do you think in the coming weeks posts will naturally be more spread out throughout the week. Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below; your insight is valued! 

Tomorrow I’ll post the weekly announcement and by the end of the week will provide details ont the Choice Projects. Keep an eye out for those and check your EduBlogs occasionally (or set up email notifications for comments) as I’ll be posting on your first reflections with individual feedback soon. 

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7 thoughts on “Commenting on Peer EduBlogs

  1. Personally, I am still acclimating to my online experience and make sure I have restructured my work/school balance. The 2 step due dates may be easier to work with for me personally as I have taken off Thursdays to dedicate to school.

    • Actually, taking a day just to focus on school work is not a bad idea. I wish I could do the same. Between work, school and kids I really don’t feel like I’m dedicating enough time to my studies. This class may be a problem for me if I don’t get organized.

  2. I like your suggestion but I also think that once we all get the hang of blogging and knowing where everything is, it will get better for everyone.

  3. I think some posts were done last minute because we’re still getting the hang of this. But, I do believe the separate due dates will help for more clarity.

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