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Interior Description 5


This is a photo of the Municipal Market’s ceiling. As I looked up I saw the makeup of the ceiling. It seems is sturdy to hold signs from. The ceiling does have pieces of it missing. This seemed a little dangerous because particles could fall into produce. The ceiling also represents how old the Municipal […]

Interior Description 4


As I walked into the Municipal Market I immediately¬†saw how unaccommodating the counters were for people in wheelchairs. People who operate in wheelchairs have obstacles in their way such as the chairs under the counter. The¬†cash register is very high up which makes the cashier reach towards the customer. Although those operating can see the […]

Interior Description 3


The Municipal Market has it’s own Pharmacy! I have never been to a market with their own pharmacy. This shows the amount of care the Market has for their neighborhood. A pharmacy can provide much needed aid to people in the community in a easy to reach area. The presence of a pharmacy in a […]

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