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Interior Description 1


This produce sign in the Municipal Market was very interesting to me. The Municipal Market  is composed of many private vendors instead of one major corporate grocery store. The phrase “BEST SERVICE IN TOWN”, is making a statement that you will get quality service and great produce from that vendor. I believe this sign is […]

Annotated Bibliography 6: Pollution From Construction


“Pollution From Construction.” Accessed February 25, 2016. http://www.sustainablebuild.co.uk/pollutionfromconstruction.html. Construction of new buildings cause air, water, and noise pollution. Actually building the built environment is a hazard to people. ” All construction sites generate high levels of dust…” These dust particles are invisible to the naked eye which can affect us without even noticing it. The dust particles, […]

Annotated Bibliography 5: Impact of Waiting Rooms


“Build a Positive Atmosphere in the Waiting Room to Make Patients Comfortable and Happy.” Accessed February 25, 2016. http://www.dignityhealth.org/cm/content/pages/build-a-positive-atmosphere-in-the-waiting-room-to-make-patients-comfortable-and-happy.asp. In article,” Build a Positive Atmosphere in the Waiting Room to Make Patients Comfortable and Happy”, list the major influences the waiting room has on the patients mood. Waiting time in a waiting room is crucial to a […]

Annotated Bibliography 4: Bicycle Lanes


“Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center.” Accessed February 24, 2016. http://www.pedbikeinfo.org/planning/facilities_bike_bikelanes.cfm. The article, “Bicycle Lanes”, the author clearly defines the use of bike. Bike lanes offer a, “…sense of comfort and perceived safety…” Bike lanes are away to maintain safety for motorist and bicyclist. The lanes offer a safe area for bicyclists to prevent dooring and […]

Reading Summary 4: His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society


Emily Bazelon writes about the type of discrimination that come with public bathrooms. The bathroom is a place where most be people fell vulnerable and may feel more exposed than they ever have in a public place. Bazelon points out how Women wait for an extremely longer period of time than men to use the […]

Reading Summary 3: Recognizing Campus Landscapes and Learning Spaces


  Introduction There is a significant amount of students enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the United States. The amount of student are intended to rise even more throughout the years. Kathleen G. Scholl and Gowri Betrabet Guulwadi, propose,”… that the natural landscape of a university campus is an attentional learning resource for its students” […]

Oakhurst Community: Exterior Description Overview


Visiting the Oakhurst Community, located in Decatur Georgia, was very calming and beautiful. I visited the Oakhurst Community on a cool Monday morning. As I walked through the neighborhood I felt very safe and the sense of community was very apparent and clear. I seen residents walking their many dogs and other going for a morning […]

Oakhurst Community: Exterior Description


While visiting the Oakhurst Community I came across a small bench in front of the Community Garden.  To me this garden represents the sense of community Oakhurst has. The bench seems to be decorated by young children from the neighborhood. The bench itself looks very unique in how it is made. This bench gives the […]

Annotated Bibliography 3


Vogel, Steven. “On Alienation From The Built Environment.” Ethical Theory & Moral Practice 17.1 (2014): 87. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.   In the article, On Alienation from the Built Environment, the author takes time to describe the actual meaning of the work environment and how it is not often used in the […]

Annotated Bibliography 2


Beer, Chris. “The Contingent Public Value Of ‘Good Design’: Regulating The Aesthetics Of The Australian Urban Built Environment.” Australian Journal Of Public Administration 73.2 (2014): 282-292. Business Source Complete. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.   In the article, The Contingent Public Value of ‘Good Design’: Regulating the Aesthetics of the Australian Urban Built Environment, proposes that […]

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