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Annotated Bibliography 9


“Technology’s Influence on Education.” Accessed March 31, 2016. http://source.southuniversity.edu/technologys-influence-on-education-76874.aspx.



There has been a major change in learning in the built environment. Technology has changed the way students do work and how they interact with their students. Technology in the classroom was meant to increase productivity in learning. The use of technology also promotes a more enjoyable way of learning including games with instant knowledge and answers. Children and adults both use technology for entertainment and learning. Laptops and cellular devices in the classroom show the major changes chalkboards. Without technology some advantages would not be available without technology. Along with the positive advances made there are also many negative sides to having fast accessibility to information. Some individuals use the internet for bullying purposes and distraction from work and school. The use of technology in everyday life show how the built environment has changed and how it is constantly changing. Technology has changed the way we learn and people’s lives as a whole.


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