How to Post

Post one image of something that represents some aspect of your culture. Some examples of things you might post are: meals, clothing, art, social gestures, celebration, traditional practice, artifacts, etc.  Use a photo of your own or find one online. Along with your image, you must also submit 1 paragraph that describes your image, explains why it is important, and makes connections to course content.


1. Go to the Dashboard. Make sure you are on the Dashboard of “Cross-Cultural Psychology”. You can switch this by clicking on My Sites at the top left. 
2. On the left menu bar, click on Posts, then click Add New.
3. Click Add Media to embed a photo. You will then be able to upload a file from your computer by clicking on ‘Upload Files’ to find your image.
4. Enter your desired title. Enter your paragraph in the body of the post
5. After writing your post and inserting your photo, click Publish. You must publish your post by your scheduled due date.
6. Once you Publish, double check to make sure your post appears on the actual blog page by clicking “View Site”


Your post is worth 9 points total

+3: Image (image is appropriate & relevant)
+5: Description (detailed description according to guidelines)
+1: Grammar & Spelling


Please keep in mind that this blog is a positive, safe space for learning. Comments or posts that are disrespectful or offensive will not be tolerated in any capacity. Any violations will result in a 0 on the entire Culture Snapshot assignment.