How to Comment

For each deadline, choose 2 snapshot posts.  Leave a thoughtful comment with your reactions to the image and post. Unsubstantial or vague comments like “cool!” or “I like this!” are unacceptable. Some examples of content you might include in your comment: why does the image intrigue you?, how is it similar/different to something in your culture or another culture?,  how can you connect the post to any concepts from the book or class?, etc.

Your comment should be at least 4-7 sentences, but feel free to write more.


1.On the Home page, scroll down to find the posts for the week. Choose one post and click on the Title.
2.Scroll down to “Leave a Reply”, write your comment in the box and click ‘Post Comment’.
3.Double check to make sure your comment appears on the actual blog page.


Each comment is worth 1 point. You’re required to leave 2 comments per deadline (6 points total throughout the semester)

+0.8: Comment is appropriate and follows guidelines
+0.2: Spelling & Grammar

(You are more than welcome to comment on more posts for the week, and you may respond to others’ comments! You may also “REPLY” to comments to create an ongoing discussion about the image. However, you will receive credit for 2 comments per week only)


Please keep in mind that this blog is a positive, safe space for learning. Comments or posts that are disrespectful or offensive will not be tolerated in any capacity. Any violations will result in a 0/15 on the entire Culture Snapshot assignment.


*Note: If it was your week to post,  you are still required to leave a comment on 2 other posts. You are welcome to respond to comments under your own post, but only your comments on a classmates’ post will be graded.

Comments are due by 5:00 pm on the due dates listed below:

September 17
October 8
November 5