Transforming into Christian Culture


I didn’t grow up in the church at all. I knew of Jesus Christ but I didn’t know Him for myself. Therefore, I lived my life in the world, I was smoking, drinking, having sex, partying, etc etc. What I didn’t know is that sin leads you down a path of destruction. I was seeking these things to fill voids in me that only God could fill. I got to the point where I was maxed out from sin, I was depressed, contemplating suicide. Without any other options left, I called on the name of Jesus. I had an encounter with Him, and He told me He loved me and wanted me to come back to Him. From there I decided to seek Him. Everyday, I began to pray and read the Word, and my mind began to be renewed and I started to have a peace that surpasses all understanding. As God started working in my heart, the desire for sin started to shed off. Smoking was no longer fulfilling for me, drinking was no longer fulfilling me. I began to find my worth in Christ, so I no longer settled for giving my body away through sex before a man was willing to marry me. The transformation I experience changed my values. I think my experience coming to the knowledge of Christ goes against stereotypes. Many people either see Christianity as legalistic or the other extreme of hypergrace. In other words, people see it as religious people yelling at you saying you can’t do this or do that. Others, think because Jesus died for your sins, that you can do whatever you want which essentially is abusing grace. These stereotypes can make one miss the true gospel of Jesus Christ. My story is stereotype breaking. Because for me, I was not bombarded with legalism; when I encountered Christ, He dealt with my heart first and loved on me. But because of His Word penetrating my heart, my values changed; therefore, my actions did change. Before I knew it, I desired the things that Christ desired for me.