Art has been a huge part of my life since early childhood. I was initially exposed to art from my grandmother. Growing up, she made me several pieces to display and inspire. Arts and crafts were my favorite past time and I would always try to create something with any material. As a grew older art became a passion for me. It was a way for me to express and communicate my ideas. I also got to see my progression in technique and head space. Art allows me to communicate with people from different cultures and has remained a constant in my life. Even while note taking, if I sketch during a lecture I can better retain the information. Art is essential for me because not only do I have a creative outlook, but I also get clear my head and focus. Just to clear things up I am not talking about one medium or one style, I practice and appreciate all art forms. If it requires creative energy, it attracts me. No matter what I go through or where I travel, art is always there to assist me. It is my foundation and center, even more so than my actual family and our traditions.