Self-Growth, A Universal Culture

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Do you strive for happiness? Everything we do and even refrain from doing is an attempt to move closer to happiness and further from pain. Sometimes it can be tempting to attribute our feelings of happiness or pain to someone or something outside of ourselves.There have been many books written on this very controversy and The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz is one that changed my life, forever. Within this book, four agreements are explained very simply and honestly. First agreement, Be Impeccable With Your Word, reminds you to use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love and only say what you truly mean because once said it cannot be unsaid. Second agreement, Don’t Take Anything Personally, points out that nothing anyone does is because of you. What people do is a reflection of their internal state. If it is not your truth, then you have the capacity to be unharmed by it. Third agreement, Don’t Make Assumptions, is a very vital agreement in everyday life. By making assumptions we close the door to truth. You’ll be surprised what you find by asking questions rather than assuming you know what someone means. Final agreement, Always Do Your Best, encourages you to do your best everyday in everything you do even if your best today is different from your best yesterday. Hope this book brings you as much internal liberation and joy as it did for me. Thanks for reading <3

4 thoughts on “Self-Growth, A Universal Culture

  1. This post was very insightful! I have struggled with depression for a long time and it’s true, everything we do is an attempt to move closer to happiness and I do believe that in order to be happy you have to find it within yourself and be accountable for your actions. I also agree with “being impeccable with your word.” Meaning something when you saying and action following behind it is necessary especially when others are involved. I also strive to do my best in most occasions! This was a great post!

  2. Your post put me in a pleasant place, it made me feel like whatever decision I make, whether good or bad, is for a reason, and that through all of them, as long as I’m reliable in doing what I say, and Always do my best, then success will come. Sometimes i feel like individuals, especially those of us in college look at the destination as opposed to the journey, and that is a disservice in itself.

  3. Thank you! I am making transition at work and your words spoke to me as I read your post. It is a stressful time for me and just knowing that, as you put it “What people do is a reflection of their internal state. If it is not your truth, then you have the capacity to be unharmed by it”. I am at the library now and I’m going to see if they carry this book so that I can read it! Thank you immensely!

  4. I’ve been doing my best with all four agreements for a while now, just trying to better myself and coming to terms with it all starting from within me. Lately, I’ve been struggling with the first two agreements especially how to better channel my anger and frustration. I appreciate your post and the motivation it just gave me to keep pushing forward instead of backtracking on the progress I have made so far. Also thanks for suggesting a new read!

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