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21 Days to Habit

The goal of this activity is to help students develop the necessary skills to create positive changes in their own lives. Particularly, in this activity, students will choose a behavior that will produce a desired change, then learn to develop the behavior into a habit. The activity includes a 21 day calendar with tips for success to support a good habit formation.

21 Days to Habit

How to Get Your Grades Raised

This activity guides students through the process of addressing and negotiating grades with their teachers. Students will learn how to constructively communicate with their teachers about grades, and develop helpful strategies for increasing grades both short-term and in general. Students brainstorm ways to discuss grades with teachers, review a 9-step plan for getting teachers to increase their grades, and practice the strategies with role-play.

Mentors can also click here for helpful tipsĀ on talking to students about grades.

Click on the link below to view the activity:
How to Get Your Grade Raised

Make It Happen!

Make It Happen! is an activity developed to help students take advantage of extra time over school breaks. In this activity, students will set realistic academic and personal goals to work toward over break. Students complete a daily calendar to help them create a strategy for achieving their goals.

Make It Happen!


This activity involves giving each mentee the opportunity to share something positive and negative about his or her week which allows the group to provide praise and support. Check-ins are are great activity to do at the beginning of group meetings especially when groups are first forming.

Check-In Activity

Icebreakers and Team Builders

Explore over 60 ice breaker and team building ideas to help start your group off on the right foot. Most activities take approximately 10-15 minutes (depending on the size of your group) and require minimal materials. Leave a comment below on which activities worked best for your group.

Ice Breakers and Team Builders

Warm Fuzzies

This activity encourages students to share their warm feelings about their peers and mentors. Group members chose names from a jar and discuss the positive qualities of that person. Students also discuss how the group has impacted their lives. This is a good wrap up activity.


Help Me Identify the Problem

Students work together to identify problems in different areas of their lives including school, personal, and family issues. Once identified, students learn how to clarify their problems so that they are manageable. The lesson is reinforced with an activity that requires students to identify and clarify a problem in different scenarios.

17 Help me Identify the Problem


This activity teaches students the learning strategy S.L.A.N.T, which stands for Sit Up, Lean Forward, Ask Questions, Nod Your Head, and Talk. It focuses on each behavior as a tool to increase classroom success.


Chart the Power

In this activity, students discover how the U.S. power structure is dominated by certain groups. Students identify particular groups (adults, men, Muslims, etc.) who have more or less power in our society. This activity includes a discussion about the effects of systematic and institutionalized stereotyping.



If you have any helpful pointers or suggestions for doing this activity with your group, please leave a comment below.


Quit Shoving

Students discuss the causes and consequences of not completing high school. This activity requires students to brainstorm and share some reasons for dropout and share them with the group anonymously, and includes a game regarding dropout statistics.

Quit shoving



If you have any helpful pointers or suggestions for doing this activity with your group, please leave a comment below.

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