My Advice: Don’t Pay for the Pre-Law “Advising” Panel on October 23

Attention faculty and students. There is an event being advertised called “Law School on Trial.” This event is not sponsored or endorsed by any pre-law adviser or pre-law organization on campus. The attorneys are charging $10 for listening to their advice on law school and legal careers. Please know that diverse panels of local attorneys routinely speak to GSU students on campus for free. They do this because they care about students and feel an obligation to contribute to the future of legal education. Every pre-law adviser on campus with whom I’ve spoken agrees with me on this: those who come to campus to provide good pre-law advice will do so free of charge. My advice is to save your money, read all the information on this website, join a pre-law student group, and attend one of the many FREE campus events advertised on this site.