“The Art of Chill”-Nov. 8, 2017

What:The Art of Chill

Who: Tanya D. Zuk, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Film, Media & Theater, Georgia State University

When: November 8, 2017, from 3-4:00 PM

Where: CMII Conference Room #211, 25 Park Place, Georgia State University

Despite being off the air for more than 20 years, Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting, which aired on PBS from ’83 to ’94 has a cult following of devout fans. Interest in Bob Ross was reinvigorated in 2012 when PBS Digital Studios created a remix video: Happy Little Clouds. Ross’s distinctive and soothing voice, and zen-like statements have made him a popular choice for unwinding. So what does Bob Ross have to do with games?  Last month the Bob Ross game, The Art of Chill was released. This competitive game has four players “compete” to reach “maximum chill” by completing “painting elements” like happy little trees and almighty mountains. Embedded in the game mechanics are Ross’s iconic paintings and phrases.  Is this a party game, a game to distress by, a marketing ploy, or all three? We’ll decide at the next Playtest, where we will listen to some Bob Ross, “paint,” and play to distress before the holidays.

Tanya D. Zuk is a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia State University in the Moving Image Studies program, examining new media and minority representation through a cultural studies approach. She is particularly interested in how creatives and audiences interact through collaborative storytelling.