STEAM, not STEM! Call for proposals.

The Georgia State University, Perimeter College’s popular STEM Talks series will begin soon with a new letter added to include the Arts! The new STEAM Talks hosts are requesting proposals for lectures that will bring “awareness to the multitude of ways Art is connected to and involved in traditional STEM fields” which encompasses not only the visual arts but also music, film, and literature.

Existing talks or lectures in this area are welcome and you don’t have to have any prior STEM knowledge to be an effective presenter. All talks will be recorded through Blackboard Collaborate. The talks are typically 40 – 50 minutes long.

With as little as 2-3 weeks notice, your presentation can typically be scheduled on your home campus in the early afternoon. Although at least 2-3 weeks notice is required, additional time is beneficial to provide for sufficient publicity. Your proposed talk will likely be able to take place on your home campus (usually in the early afternoon to avoid travel during rush hour) and all you would do is give your talk in a classroom using the classroom computer and projection system like you normally do while teaching.

For more information please check out the Daily Digest post or contact Ulrike Lahaise,