Past Conference Proceedings

The 37th Annual Conference, February 2, 2024

37th MECS Conference Program

4 – Matrix Exponentials – Chris Hill

8 – Enhancing Online Instruction: The Power of Regular and Substantive Interaction – Sharon Weltlich and Keisha Lanier Brown

10 – Discover_Companion_Pell_Numbers_-_Xiaoyan_Hu_Chase 

13 – Enhancing Inclusive and Equitable Instruction Through Developing Open Courses – Gregory Mayer, Stephanie Reikes, Natanel Ha, and Cara Bennett, Melissa Leng

16 – Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Japanese Candlestick Patterns: A Multi-Industry Statistical Analysis – Mahamed I. Jamaloodeen



The 36th Annual Conference, February 10, 2023

Keynote Reference Article

FS 5 Statistical Inferences Made Easy – Darrisaw

FS 5 -Excel- Statistical Inference Made Easy – Darrisaw

FS 5 -Questions- Statistical Inferences Made Easy -Darrisaw

FS 8 Connecting Industry to Mathematics Instruction – Martin

FS 8 -Materials- Connecting Industry to Mathematics Instruction – Martin

FS 12 Departmental Change Initiative Lecture to Active Learning in Statistics – Ritter

FS 13 The Pandemic Pause – Longman

MS 3 PPT Paths to Financial Sufficient Retirement – Lin

MS 9 Maple Learn Teaching, learning, and doing math online just got easier – Iorgulescu

MS 9 -MapleSoft Access- OR

MS 10 Getting back to the classroom learning how to study – Brouwer and Brown

MS 13 Helping Students Make Connections with Prior Mathematical Knowledge in Their STEM Courses – Lewkowicz and Skelton


The 35th Annual Conference, February 11, 2022

Click here for the proceedings from the 2022 virtual conference.


The 34th Annual Conference, February 2021

Click here for the full proceedings from the 2021 virtual conference


The 33rd Annual Conference, February 2020

2-Teaching Introductory Statistics- Ask Good Questions – Allan Rossman

8-Teaching to Facilitate Self-directed Learning – Diana McGinnis

18-Increasing Self-Regulation: A Way to Improve Learning for All Students – Dr. Jane Reed

20-Three Ways to Coreq with a Low Cost Math Solution – Paul Golisch

22-Using Edfinity (NSF Award #1758301) -an affordable, textbook-agnostic homework system -to reach every student – Sid Grover


The 32nd Annual Conference, February 2019

1-Old school and new school engagement strategies – Keisha Brown

3-The Mathematics of Bees and Beekeeping – Robert Pruvenok

4-Exploring Volumes Using Geometry, Algebra and Calculus – Tom Cooper

6-New Corequisite Solutions with Mindset Emphasis – Calandra Davis

8-Acceleration and Intervention in Corequisite Courses – Kate Wise

9-OHM: Fully Customizable Math Solution… – Chris Holder

A-I Didn’t Know College Was Going To Be This Hard – Lynda Cain

C-Infinity Wars: Convergent Sequences of Real and Complex Exponentials – David Vogel & Jonathan Joe

E-Achieving Fairness in the Mathematics Classroom – Paula Krone

J-The Plickers Response System – Michael Hammock

8-Matrices and Cryptography – Chi Luong


The 31st Annual Conference, February 2018

Keynote presentation – Dr. Willie Rockward

1. College Algebra with Support A Total Transformation – Andrea Hendricks & Sharon Weltlich

2-CoReq Courses Your Way – Calandra Davis & Naomi Bahary

3 – Service Learning in an Online Math Course – Dr. Kimberly Bennekin

5 – AMATYC: What’s the hype?! – Stephanie Garofalo

5 – What I Learned at AMATYC – Robert Pruvenok

8 – Designing Digital Assessments for Maximum Impact – Willem Wallinga

9 – ALEKS in Math 1111 and Math 0999 – Ginny Powell

11 – Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater – Keisha Brown

14 – Quantitative Literacy More Than Ever Before – Bill Briggs

17 – Helping Students Learn How to Approach Problem-Solving Situations – Dr. Skelton, Dr. Lewkowicz-

G – Ready or not-Pretests as a predictor for success in Calc 1- Steven Wallace, Blanche Presley, Gaston Brouwer

S7 – Wonder of Square – Shenghang Wang    

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