Tool Inventory Unit 2 Assignment 3


i.) You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history term paper.
Tools – Zoom, Google slides
Reason – Because of its online format Zoom would be an efficient way to present to the audience and Google slides provides a organized and concise way to display your content without the risk of mix up.

ii.) The final exam for your economics course is coming up, and you need to collect all of your online resources for a study guide.
Tools – Quizlet, Khan Academy
Reason – Quizlet is a flash card like interface where one can compile terms and their definitions or formulas and its would be available with easy access. Khan Academy has many videos to catch people up to speed with topics and can be excellent refreshers.

iii.) You need to create an interactive tour of Berlin.
Tools – Prezi, Mindmeister
Reason- Prezi, similar to google slides can present information but unlike google Slides Prezi is has more visual appeal and would be perfect for a tour presentation. MindMeister could be used to collect data that would be used to create the Prezi as well informed as possible with participating members all involved.

iv.) You and a group of your classmates have been asked to do a collaborative research project on how Facebook has affected the social habits of young adults

Tools – Trello, Google Drive
Reason – Google Drive will allow access to the whole group and others in the group would be able to see work done in Google drive be updated in real time by their teammates. Trello is packed with powerful features to be used in collaborations with others.

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