The March from Selma to Montgomery

Dear John Lewis,

In the reading from the pages 174-246, I came to learn all about the events that surrounded the march from Selma to Montgomery, following the brutal murder of Jimmy lee Jackson, a participant in the protest of the arrest of an SClC member. The devastating psychological blow prompted them to do this March, at which the first attempt they were put to a halt and violently attacked by the police, causing them to have to reschedule several times. The violent attack

African Americans are attacked during a civil rights march

John Lewis is Pictured being attacked in the violent confrontation

against the participants came to be known across the nation as Bloody Sunday, causing the ramifications of revolt across the country, and inspired the president at that time to take some action through signing into law the voting rights act that would ultimately lead to African Americans no longer being denied the right to vote.


In reading the pages, I could not help but be inspired by the persistence of those involved in the march, setting off a course of events that would eventually lead to them finally making a difference and attaining the right to vote. Although frustrated, and traumatized by friends, brothers and family they lost throughout the way, they still kept their dignity in insisting that these demonstrations remain nonviolent, and it is because of these brave men and women why a person of color like me have the some say in our government.

It is with the peaceful methods demonstrated in the Novel that we can use to combat racism in 2019, as one cannot use hate and violence to fix more hate and violence, and instead of focusing on what makes us different, people should find some common ground and put their differences aside.

Your Inspired reader, Oral

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