Cows with typewriters?

My first experience with Literacy

As early as I can recall, I was in first grade in a general class when classes were not divided into sections when we just did everything together in one class. Oddly enough it was a class with a substitute teacher reading a book about cows with typewriters and electric blankets. The story is vague in my mind but we were tasked about what we would ask for in writing if we were the cows in the story, and while I did not know it at the time we were asked to make a connection to self from the story we read. I did what any first grader would do and I let my imagination run wild, asking for aquariums, pet dinosaurs and five star hotels. Writing in this type of context was new to me, and I was excited to present to the class when we were asked to share what we wished for.

 With some of the others they made wishes such as spaceships and some even wished for autographs from WWE superstars (something really popular with kids at the time) with this literacy experience, I learned that other people have a different view on the desired outcome of the story. Although I enjoyed sharing what I would ask for, I honestly thought that the story was stupid (cows with typewriters, electric blankets and all) but my takeaway was that everybody had a different takeaway

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