May - 03 2020

   “Feeding requirements of white sharks may be higher than originally thought”                                                                   Hello, welcome back to the final entry on Great White […]

Apr - 19 2020

Hello, welcome back to another week of Great White Shark topics. The previous blog focused on the fuel economy of sharks, their metabolic rates, and how it helps them adapt to their environment. This week we will be talking about phylogenetic trees and how the Great white shark fits into them. Phylogenetic trees are diagrams […]

Mar - 29 2020

Hello, welcome back to another week at my blog. I hope all is well. The topic of discussion last week centered on the Great White Shark’s dermal denticles, their origin, and how they help the Great White Shark in its natural habitat. Today’s topic will be focused more so on an aspect of the Great […]

Mar - 01 2020

Welcome back to another week on my Great White Shark blog. Last week I introduced the Great White Shark to you all. This week I will be focusing on one interesting anatomical feature that Great White Sharks possess, known as dermal denticles. Dermal denticles are flat rough v-shaped scales that line the bodies of Great […]

Feb - 02 2020

  The class Chondrichthyes belong to the Phylum Chordata. Chondrichthyes is a class that contains cartilaginous fishes. The animals in this class are jawed vertebrates that have paired fins, paired nares, a two-chambered hear, scales, and a skeleton composed up of cartilage, and a pair of nostrils. Due to their skeleton being made of cartilage, […]

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