Accumulation of waste & how it can affect the living things in our environment

Atlanta downtown is a place where nice attractions like the Georgia aquarium Zoo Atlanta, World of Coca-Cola and the Centennial Olympic Park. The most interesting part of Atlanta is the downtown region. A couple of advantages living in downtown would be that there are spectacular views and is very spacious. A couple of disadvantages would be that it is a polluted area and it is not very safe as many crimes do occur here.

Waste can come in the form of food, debris, bottles, bags, construction debris etc. Trash can be recycled to make new boxes and cardboards. Garbage is the waste found in restrooms and kitchens. Garbage and trash accumulate to pollute the environment. Some people don’t even bother to take initiative to reduce or manage the waste we create. As a consequence it harms the living conditions of animals and human beings. The trash in Atlanta can be really gross. Especially in downtown when it all accumulates and gives out a stench into the environment. It can severely affect the environments health. Wastes rot and create holes in the ground. Methane gas is produced into the air and this also contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Trashcans and dumpsters are found everywhere in Atlanta but people choose not to pick up trash found on the floor. Red, blue and green bins are used to throw away different types of trash. The famous slogan Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! also referred to as the 3Rs is known nationwide. Each color of bins have their own purpose. For example, the red bins are used to throw away cans, plastic water bottles, dishes, cups, glass and lightbulbs. They recycle the plastic bottles and cans. The blue bin is used to throw away cartons, paper cups and plates, boxes and cardboard. They recycle magazines, cartons and boxes. The green bin is used to throw away leaves or other greenery seen in nature. Hence, the bin is colored green.

If people would be more educated on how waste should be handled, then our environment wouldn’t be too polluted and it would be a better place to live in. Ways like gathering garbage into a garbage can and setting that out for the people who take it and dump it into the dumpster would avoid harming the environment. Plastics should be prevented from being thrown out into the environment because its effects are deadly. Making wise choices to help protect the environment from harm like picking up trash or any other waste found on the streets or anywhere else is a good idea.

All in all, Atlanta downtown is known to be the biggest downtown in the state of Georgia. Taking care of it and looking after how grows is the hard part but it can be done. We all need to take action to help the environment and not harm it.

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nisha thomas