Annotated Bibliographies 6-10

Annotated Bibliography 6

TIME MANAGEMENT AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT OF HIGHER SECONDARY STUDENTS by A. Vences Cyril written on December 1,2014 is a research paper that talks about the balance between both the academic life,personal life and how time can be managed. The first thing that pops up in our minds when we think about time is how fast it flies by. The main problem that most people have is managing their time during the day. Some people use it wisely by being productive while others just don’t mind how they use their time. Time comes and goes. Nothing can stop it.  Having a positive attitude and changing habits is one step closer to managing time efficiently. Organizing, planing ahead and sticking to a mental schedule would also help manage time.

I chose this research paper because this is a topic that a lot of people from all ages can relate to. The author gives out suggestions on how people could possibly cope with time management and how successful and productive they would be with it. I think this research paper is pretty accurate when it comes to talking about students and how they can manage their time. This source is different from the others that I have not researched on because it covers the basics of what people go through like procrastination and cramming for exams.

Annotated Bibliography 7

Targeting unintended Teen Pregnancy in the U.S. by Hadi Danawi, PhD MPH, Zenobia Bryant, MPH, and Tala Hasbini, MS written on January 1 2016 is a journal that mentions about the factors that influence teen pregnancy, who it affects the most and why it affects them in a way that the rate of teen pregnancy increases in the U.S. Most of the teen pregnancies are unintentional and it is mainly the Latinas who get themselves pregnant during their teenage years. Reducing poverty and creating an equal society is something U.S. is working on indirectly to tackle the problem of teen pregnancy directly and abolishing the causes that lead up to it or influences it.

I chose this journal because this has become a nationwide issue for the past decade. This journal was intended to speak out to the teens who get pregnant in the U.S. Sex education should be taught to people when they are young and they should be exposed to the consequences for the choices that they make. This source is the only available source on the project topic that I am using. This source has a few flaws on addressing how to reduce the number of teen pregnancies in the U.S. and in explaining that a lack of knowledge and resources (poverty) is also a factor in causing teen pregnancy. This source compares the rate of teen pregnancy to other developed countries.

Annotated Bibliography 8

Hello my name is “I’m new here…” Making friends,Staying Strong, and Having a Fantastic Year as a School Librarian by Carolyn Stenzel written on January 1, 2015 describes Stenzel’s experience becoming a school librarian and how it transformed her life. As a high school student, she found herself connecting to librarians. Stenzel realized that creating a list of what you are good doing at and looking over it in the long run would help to alleviate any frustration that might arise in the future. A little self-esteem and self confidence develops along the way. Giving time for yourself to think about what you have or will accomplish is very important for the mental health.

I chose this source because it is an example of ones life and how she pursued what she wanted as a career. Many of us don’t know what we exactly want to be in life and that’s perfectly okay because there is still time to figure that out. Librarians in a library help to monitor if the place is quiet or not. They also know where everything is in the library, so if you ever need any type of information asking them wouldn’t hurt. The author provides a few hints on how to successfully build a career that’s right for you. The one thing to be careful about is being favor of becoming a librarian after reading this article. This could be one flaw. Many people go for other careers like business, engineering, medicine etc. Very few like to work in a library. This source gives more insight into a career that is least likely heard of. Capture

Annotated Bibliography 9

Are Our Kids Growing Up Too Fast? by momlifeshow posted on March 5 2013 is a video that talks about how kids are growing up way too fast. Sometimes kids seem to not need their parents anymore for things. Kids have access to sexual information on YouTube and from the internet even if it is taken or cut off from parents in movies.Kids may seem to be more mature than they are for their age. It may depend on the clothes they wear, the type of friends they hang out with, and how much exposure they get from the world. According to that, their attitudes change and lots of people have different views of them in society.

I chose this source because lets face it, we all are going to grow up, get married and have kids. Its mainly how the kids behave and grow up that parents keep an eye out on. This topic is relevant to my project topic because the younger generation will have to lead themselves in the future. It depends on what they do that depicts whats going to happen in the future. The author and other moms in this video seem to have different opinions of how their kids are growing up way too fast. This is bias in a way that the moms talk about how boys are boys when they grow up but girls tend to be one step ahead of where they are suppose to be. The author is working with other moms to see if what she thinks is the same for other moms.

Annotated Bibliography 10

Top 10 Issues Facing Our Youth Today by Joewel Andal posted on March 24,2014 is an overview on the different types of stuff that the youth go through in their life. It is basically almost everything that I have talked about in all of my annotated bibliographies. This last annotated bibliography summarizes everything that I am suppose to cover for my project topic.

I chose this source because it gives out a lot of information on the topic. It is also something that we all youth tend to struggle with. Either through peer pressure or through some other influential force. In a way the topics mentioned in the Prezi presentation under the category of the issue that youth face is biased but they mostly are true. Flaws are found in the different topics on the project topic that I am working on and in a way all these topics are universal. This prezi covers everything I have not talked about.


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  4.  (Youtube video)
  5. (Prezi)

Piedmont Dining Hall’s Interior

The dining hall at Piedmont North is a really good place to eat and to meet new friends. Most people have a meal plan so that they could take however much food they need and also take advantage of the other services they provide there. The dining hall has a variety of food from fruits and vegetables to hot dogs and hamburgers. Different sections like the breakfast, dessert and drinks sections are included in the dining hall. They even make omelettes and other dishes individually for people to eat. Sometimes the dining hall can be a little busy and congested with people as lines form in the dining hall for peoples food to be cooked separately and according to their preference. My favorite part that they serve in the dining hall are fruit smoothies,and cereals. Fruit smoothies are made from scratch in a combination that students prefer. more than 5 type of cereals are found in the dining hall. People who are lactose intolerant, like me, are given with other alternatives like soy milk,almond milk or lactose-free milk. They have small tables where four people come and eat together. It basically looks like a decent restaurant. They also have seats near the glass window for people who enjoy watching the landscape near the dorm as they eat. As you can see in a picture, a TV is provided for the students entertainment as they enjoy their meal. The dining faculty are open to the students opinion and what they think should be included in their meals. They occasionally have times where they serve food that correlates with the holiday. Sometimes music is played in the dining hall and it turns people on. Dancing is something you will find happening every now and then.

Ice Cream

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Annotated Bibliographies 1-5

Project topic: 10 Issues Our Youth Face Today

Annotated Bibliography 1

Mom Story: My kids have life-threatening food allergies by Julie Weingarden Dubin written on December 31,2013 is a article that specifically talks about a mom’s experience of handling children with food allergies. Jake was born with a weak immune system and as a mother, Ourman took the urge to quit her job and to take care of her son. Later on, she figured out that her son was allergic to peanuts and also had wheezing. Dubin used Ourman to show how she took initiative to help work around her children’s dietary restrictions and still enjoy eating food. Dubin is sending out a message to her readers saying that people should use what they have and grow on how they can better the community even in the smallest way possible. She also took responsibility in educating herself on this issue so as to be more prepared in the future.

I chose this source because I can relate to this problem. I am lactose intolerant and up to this day I still struggle with taking care of myself. Allergies are something that shouldn’t be used to define someone. Instead they should be used as an indicator to show that this person is strong enough to face the most hardest phase in their life.The article’s relevance to the project topic encounters one part of their life where they are not being defined for what they do not control. Instead of viewing food allergies to be something negative, they are avoided or alternatives are used for the individual to grow. This article is mainly directed to the people who suffer from food allergies. Educating ourselves on the issue would be one way to tackle the problem. This article shows how differently we can handle the problem for the benefit of people who are stuck with food allergies.

How I advocate for their safety

Annotated Bibliography 2

Obesity In America: Its Getting Worse by Jennifer B. Marks written on January 2004 was to inform today’s generation that the youth are building p to a point where they become really obese to function. The growing population of obese youth is getting out of control as no one seems to focus on all these remedies out there like exercise programs, and healthier diets. Many people don’t bother to work off the excessive fat they have stored in them. Instead, it all accumulates for years in the body and thus it makes them look bigger in the future. Solutions like educating ourselves on the topic and knowing whats best for the body is the only thing that can be done. Everybody’s body is different. So whatever works for one body may not work for the other. Its all about knowing what works best for you and your body.

I chose this source because it mainly catches the attention of all the youth who are suffering from obesity in this nation. This has become a serious issue that is now being attempted to be solved by diets and other programs. The author has a compassionate eye towards the youth who have developed laziness over the years. This article is slightly bias in a way when the author mentions that they don’t know how to lose weight. This source identifies a real common problem and provides a few suggestions to avoid it.

Annotated Bibliography 3

Violence in Schools: How big a problem is it? by Scott Neuman written on March 16,2012 talks about how schools can and cannot be dangerous for students. Violence in schools is always an issue that catches the eye of the nation. On one side of the argument, being on a school campus is the safest place to be because there is more security expanding in these places. With the knowledge of how more thefts and robberies happen here more than anywhere else. Schools interfered by stepping in and implementing the Zero Tolerance Policy where its purpose was to wipe out alcohol,drugs and violence in schools. Seeing that this action was not effective, authorities took on a threatening approach which forced the students to create some discipline. As a result, there were less bullying and crimes on campus.

This article was chosen for my project because it is something that we all students,unknowingly have in the back of our heads while being in schools and colleges. Violence and its opposite force of safety and security. This source shows how in the past there used to be a lot of crimes and robberies compared to today where security is built to prevent it. One flaw in this article is that it mentions how schools are both safe and not safe at the same time. Persuading the reader on one side of the topic would have been more effective to focus upon.Surprisingly, bias is being used in both ways. One part of the article talks about how schools are dangerous with all the violence that is going on and on the other hand, it also talks about how schools are more safer compared to being off campus. Basically, conflict is being shown here.

Students at Gardena High School  in Gardena, Calif., lined up for a security check before school in January 2011.

Annotated Bibliography 4

The Impact of Family Formation Change on the Cognitive, Social, Emotional Well Being of the Next Generation by Paul R. Amato written in Fall of 2005 informs its readers how disadvantaged children are from single parent households as opposed to children living with both their parents.A couple of factors like divorce and death of a parent explain why children end up in a household of a single parent.  Single households struggle financially to meet up with the expenses of basic necessities and to their children’s needs. Both parents have their own roles in a child’s life. stressful components like moving around can affect children academically, socially, and emotionally. Allying up to a single parent and using them as a messenger causes the child to be emotionally attached to the parent.

I chose this source because I can totally relate to how it feels to grow up in a household of a single parent. I have gone through a lot especially when it comes to allying up with one parent against the other. The audience are people who live with single parents. This source is relevant to my topic because divorce and living with a single parent has become a common nationwide issue for most children. Children struggle having to ope with their situation. But we all have to face it. Amato describes the inner perspective of a child being raised in a single parent household. This journal does have its own opinion but I am pretty sure there are ones most people can relate to. Children who are raised by a single parent are treated differently compared to other articles where children struggle in life even with both of their parents.

Annotated Bibliography 5

Alcohol how it affects you written during the year 1998 is an article that circles around what alcohol can do to the body. This article first opens up to a story of a couple of girls, Cara and Jolene, who decides to do their math homework together. Cara spices things up a little bit by influencing Jolene to drink alcohol with her, not knowing what it could do to her. Then this article goes on explaining who, what and how alcohol affects the body. Lastly, it lists a variety of signs and questions on how one can spot an alcohol problem.

I chose this article because alcohol and drugs is something that even up to this day, even teenagers and college students, tempt to get themselves into. This is why it is relevant to my project topic. It is something most people can relate to or have, at one point, been pressurized to do drugs. The audience would mainly be the youth who have an alcohol problem or alcohol addiction. This source shows me how peer pressure can be really influential at times especially when Cara tried to convince Jolene that alcohol was good to perform well in math. One flaw is that this article took place at a home where only one friend was invited. A higher chance of being pressurized to drink or do drugs would be at concerts or at parties. This article certainly left me with an eye to look out for when it comes to alcohol problems.


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Best Self Atlanta – Digital is a website where articles about health,fitness,beauty, food and nutrition are posted for other people to read and to be informed about how one can enrich the quality of life. For some people, they find it useful and apply it in their everyday life or at least try to. Some articles are found to be more appealing to read than others. As you can see, there are a bunch of topics under the categories that were mentioned earlier in this post. The site also has informative blogs about different online programs and things people do to achieve what they mention in the articles. They certainly have suggestions for almost anything. Other things found on this website that people could engage in are the different events hosted to help the people or even society. Volunteer opportunities in certain areas are open for people who would love to give out a helping hand for our society. These activities are posted up on the website in the form of pictures to give people an idea of what they may be dealing with. The website also has a search bar for the different categories they have article topics in. This makes it more convenient for people to look for what they need.


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Clarkston’s Exterior

My location is in Clarkston. I specifically chose Georgia Perimeter College which has now become a part of Georgia State University. I can admit that there are places in Clarkston where it looks pretty decent but for the most part it still needs to be cleaned up. A few places that look like its plain can be used for things like making mini stores where people could buy snacks. Other ideas can be to set up benches for people to rest at or any other public service that doesn’t only require students to be taking part in. They have a water foundation which gives out a calm and peaceful outlook on campus because it is in the middle of a lot of green landscapes with a few flowers here and there. Their halls look nice and the entrance with the huge glass box window looks beautiful upfront. I have noticed that their sign says “Georgia State University”-Clarkston Campus. I love how they have a row of white and yellow flowers accompanying each other in front of the sign. It makes it looks like they are giving out a welcoming message for its students and future students. Apparently Georgia Perimeter is now a part of the panther family. This looks like a pretty decent college looking at it from the outside.



















Reading Summary #6

Better Living Online through Content Moderation by Melissa King

             This article explains the importance of how certain content on the internet like advertisements should be blocked so as to reduce time being spent online. These distractions can also stray the user away from what their main job was intended to be. A lot of people have the choice to limit the amount of content they see online by installing apps that prevent non-related content.

           Sometimes the user gets tempted to see something interesting that catches their eye. This is when they start to give into clicking something that could be dangerous for them to see or even for the computer to download. It leads viruses swarming into the computer. In other cases, cyberbullying has become a nationwide problem for teenagers who are more vulnerable to being targeted. There are a number of other ways people are attacked mentally and this is just one way the younger generation are affected.

           Another feature that helps people online is the use of block lists. Block lists block people who the user feels uncomfortable with. Avoiding illegal harassment by cutting the people who do harm in ones life is an essential part in decreasing the intensity of the problem. This takes a lot of courage to do as it can be for personal reasons and for other reasons like protection. Genderwise, it is mainly the females who are being harassed more than the men because females are more sensitive and they seem to be more affected by it.

          As a result, people should be given the freedom to choose what they want in life. It is a choice made by them to satisfy their needs. Anyone opposing can cause conflict, even disaster and chaos as wrong information is being portrayed into ones life. Encouraging people based upon their decisions and exposing themselves to the consequences tends to make their life a little bit easier to handle when it is said to be against bullies. We all have a responsibility of owning up to our own actions. So make your actions worth the fight against being bullied.

Reading Summary #5

“Color Walking” –  Phia Bennin & Brendan McMullan 

           This article explains how we perceive colors in this world. William Burrough, an american novelist and short story writer, reveals how interesting colors can be especially identifying them from one another. He came up with a simple idea called the color walk which would help us observe how our eye captures different colors where ever we go. Mainly seeing what kinds of colors catch the naked eye while going through one’s everyday life.

Bennin and McMullan decided to give Burrough’s experiment a try. They started from where Burrough worked which is at WNYC in Manhattan. They noticed how they went from one color to the next while trying to stick with one color. They went from blue, pink and violet.Who knows! They might have seen different shades of the color they started out with or surprisingly they found the same shade of color somewhere else.

After their journey of seeing so many colors, these colors were laid out fresh in their minds. Some advice they gave were to give yourself an hour or two dedicated for this. Pick a color of your choice and try following it throughout the entire walk. If not, no worries! Just pick a different color and continue. If you seem to pick different colors a lot, you are on the right track.

As you can see, different colors drives people to do or go to certain places. For example, blue sometimes tells us to go to a beach or lake. Green tells us to go to a park. Even a combination of colors can depict a certain concept. For example, red and green represent Christmas. Every school has their own mascot colors. Colors can also be associated with gender. Newborn babies are usually worn in pink or blue blankets depending on the gender of the baby.

Colors can also derive how we feel. For example, the color blue, in certain cases, denotes sadness. Psychologically, the color green gives out a positive impact and a good feeling. The color red reveals a negative feeling. Some say that it is Satan’s color and that it denotes evil.


Reading Summary #4

“His & Hers:Designing for  Post-Gender Society”   –  Suzanne Tick

          Nowadays, we are living in a community where gender cannot merely be accepted just by admitting it but by proving it. People need to work on accepting people for their own individuality. Modernism is a movement in the arts that modifies modern ideas or something new. This area is mainly dominated by the males. Males have a primary role in offices while women have a secondary role of supporting them.

          A video on Emma Watson presenting a speech that promoted the He for She movement demonstrated gender equality for both men and women. This video went viral all over the internet. It made people really think and ponder on this topic.As we all know, the debate on whether same-sex marriage should be accepted or not has been going on for years but has finally come down to a decision of being accepted in the society.

          As time progressed, women started to make their way into being more involved with the primary activities that men would get themselves into. While this change is happening, items that women use or buy like makeup attract the attention of men. This has taken into fact that the roles of men and women are being switched.

       Physical appearances sets confusion for people who try and identify people using their physical characteristics. This is because many of the characteristics tend to overlap each other in both men and women. So it would be hard to distinguish genders. Decisions of not being identified through gender are being made. People even change their gender besides the fact that they are not transgender. Many schools accept what people for who they are and for who they think they are. This is a huge building block that a majority of us do not do.

       Trans CEO of United Therapeutics, Martine Rothblatt, is the highest paid female executive even though she is born male. Rothblatt published her book “The Apartheid of Sex” that argues how everyone has their own unique individual identity through gender. In this book, she states how social attributes play a significant role to identifying human sexuality. She also says that the division between men and women is as wrong as the division between black and white races.

        Large companies and a few colleges utilize gender-neutral or, in other words, unisex bathrooms just so that it would be convenient for both men and women. This was also done so that it would not disperse a sense of discomfort and instead let people feel like they are secure in person. Accommodation is something everyone struggles to deal with. It is not universally agreed by everyone. But can be controlled a a point where transgender people are merely humans just like we are.

        Creating an environment where transgender people can associate and feel comfortable in would be essential for them to grow individually. Disasters, arguments and fights can be held off for other purposes.Stepping out into the bigger picture, gender equality has been something that needs to be achieved and is somewhat still needs a little bit of working on.

Reading Summary #3

 Making bathrooms more “Accommodating”   -Emily Bazelon

               This article aims more focus on how transgender people are mainly being handled and treated in different places. It also explains how people are not sharing facilities that are targeted to accommodate one side of the sex. We all have this sign inside of ourselves saying that something is wrong when a person of the opposite sex walks into the wrong restroom. This is only arises people to become uneasy when this happens because everyone was taught  to use the restroom of their own gender. Many people are against having the opposite sex enter the dominantly opposite sex of the person entering the restroom. Even in cases of transgender are sometimes never an excuse for them.

              One crucial issue that we all stumble upon even up til this very day is sex distinction and the ability to cope with it. Transgender people has caused lots of confusion and discomfort for many people. Some of the confusion involves taking showers, sharing gender based bathrooms and associating with them. Schools decided to treat transgender people with the same equal rights that everyone else has. This applies to every part of life except for where these people are going to use the restrooms and locker rooms to change. Accommodation is a term that denotes for hospitality and adaptation. On the other hand, it can also mean to make room for other people whether you like it or not.The word “accommodation” has built up a lot of contradictions between one side and the other. There are two sides where accommodation takes place. One is by the transgender people and the other is everyone else being affected by it.

              There are a few distinctions between the men and women restrooms that make it a little frustrating for how it is not entirely equal for both men and women. The lines in the men’s restroom are always moving or rarely seen at all. While on the other side, the line in the women’s restroom seem to grow as time goes by. On the bright side about the women’s restrooms is that they are highly clean and refined. As an extra, women also have “retiring rooms” due to how women are more vulnerable to dizziness and fainting.

              Although many people are against sharing the same facilities with the opposite sex, some people prefer to use unisex bathrooms. Unisex bathrooms are open to both sexes and they could also be used because of how men tend to have women physical characteristics or vice versa. An example is that men could have manly boobs and women could have hair in places that men do. All in all, this promotes a little bit more privacy and it comes in favor of the transgender people.

               The Transgender Law Center provided society with a resource guide called “Peeing in Peace” that states a couple of strategies to bear the existence of transgender people. The first strategy is called Invisibility where one ignores the other person’s presence. This may seem rude at first but it can avoid disagreements and fights. The second strategy is called Gender Proof. This is where gender can be identified by simply picking out the physical characteristics of a human being.

              Overall, this community still struggles with the concept of how transgender people should be put up with. They somehow come up with small solutions to somehow squeeze transgender people in the society successfully but not entirely. There are still conflicts here and there about these issues being presented in public.

Reading Summary #2

“Tapestry Of Space: Domestic Architecture And Underground Communities In Margaret Morton’s Photography Of A Forgotten New York.”

by Irina Nersessova.”

Margaret Morton published a book in 1995 named “The Underground Homeless in New York City” that portrayed specific homeless communities in New York. The fact that someone has a home defines them to be homeless or not. People without a home shows their instability. Morton emphasizes that the condition of being homeless is not merely the fact of not having a home but instead described as the absence of a stable home.

Nersessova uses Morton to explore the community through space. She uses this as a helpful creative guide to what she might be using in ways to prevent using the environment as a commodity. Morton’s goal is to examine the everyday life of the homeless by understanding what kind of physiological impact the environment might be having on them. She takes into consideration their behavior and attitude.

Morton goes on to photograph and explore tunnels and abandoned streets. She photographs the underground society and receives more insight from them by talking about their life. Morton notices how their are people out there read to destroy the homes of the less fortunate people. There seems to be space that people take of care of and is used by its people even though it is seen to be forgotten.

Space has been something Morton tried to gain perspective on through photography. This would aim more towards the creative project she is striving for. The tunnel denotes an area that has been disregarded. people find the tunnel to be safe because in times that they are in danger, all they do is run into the tunnel. The tunnel is dark and it prevents danger from entering it. The high levels of security in the tunnel is found to be more better than it is most dangerous. The psychological relationship is that the darkness in the tunnel gives out peace for people hiding from danger.

The people are more aware of the space in the tunnel and everything else about it which is why they are more comfortable gathering food, and materials for their home. They know that people do not enter the tunnel unless they happen to be the people living there or if the aboveground has no where else to go. The main purpose people live underground is to attain peace. The physical space that people gain in the tunnel correlates to the mental space that they achieve. As the tunnel closed, a war on public space was in place for a few years.

Morton does not put in any images into her book as she knows we have a little idea of how it may look. The one absolute thing that the homeless need is space. “The environment’s effects on emotion and behavior are observed in Fragile Dwelling as much as they are evident in The Tunnel”  (Nersessova) shows how Nersessova uses Morton to examine the tunnel and how it psychologically affects the homeless who are in need of space.

Domestic architecture is where the homeless construct their own temporary homes using the space they are provided. This is the only means by which they survive in our society until they are pushed out. “To allow people to create their own personal space would be to give them the right to housing and to remove the damaging stereotypes of laziness and need for charity” (Nersessova). These things should be removed in order for the homeless to survive through basic means.

Having personal space means to have room for our own individuality. This is exactly what the homeless are trying to strive for. This personal space gets unprotected and is invaded by people who intend to destroy these people. The homeless take their own time to make a place that is comfortable by getting certain objects like pets, paintings etc. for their homes. this was defined to be a certain amount of wealth they got even through their rough moments. Their homes not only contributed to their psychological state but also emotionally too.