Implementing the Mediterranean Diet

There are 13 important steps to take if you want to shift over to the Mediterranean Diet. Some steps and decisions will be easier than others, but every single step is a good one, except with certain grains. Here is what it usually takes:

  1. Eliminate processed foods, which include chips, snacks made with hydrogenated fat, cakes, candies, crackers, high sugar cereals, white bread, high-processed foods, and high sugar foods.
  2. Substitute olive oil for butter, margarine, salad dressings, and other oils. Get rid of other oils, salad dressings, lard, Crisco, and other products with hydrogenated fat.
  3. Buy only whole grain fresh items, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  4. Cook and bake with whole grain products.
  5. Avoid fried or deep-fried foods.
  6. Choose low-fat, plain yogurt, and sweeten with stevia or fresh fruit.
  7. Limit cheese to small amounts of Parmesan or feta mixed with salads or main dishes.
  8. Buy fish and poultry more than red meat.
  9. Eat red meat very sparingly.
  10. Cut out sugary sweets.
  11. Enjoy a glass of red wine (caution:may lead to dependence or alcoholism) or sparkling water with lunch or dinner.
  12. Walk, bike. and run as much as you can.
  13. Slow down and enjoy your dining experience.

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