Course Reflection Letter

To all the upcoming GSU 1010 freshmen,

This class has helped me make friends and to know my way around campus. It has given me tips on how I can improve the quality of my life in different aspects whether it be socially or personally. The amount of assignments that they give you in class works solely to use all the useful resources and free opportunities that Georgia State has to provide. We are all paying for them so might as well take advantage of them when we can. Study skills and strategies are given out to students for the hectic years that are awaiting for them in the future. GSU 1010 mainly targets how they can make you life easier and enjoyable here at Georgia State University. I would recommend you to take this class if you have no clue about what major you want to take, how you are going to find your way around campus or how you are going to benefit from all the opportunities provided here at Georgia State. Wishing you good luck for your freshmen year! 🙂

Nisha Thomas

One thought on “Course Reflection Letter

  1. Yes, GSU 1010 really did help make new friends and help me to get involved. You’ve listed great tips about the class. If it wasn’t for this class there are a lot things I wouldn’t have known about a lot of things. So, yes i agree that people should definitely take advantage of the class. If not, they’ll miss out on a lot of great opportunities such as learning how to manage money, workshops about scholarships, and great ways to relieve stress without partying and doing other negative things. This class has really allowed me to love GSU even more.

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