My Thanksgiving Pictures!

These pictures were taken ever since I came home from college and went into my thanksgiving break. My family and I went for a thanksgiving party which was held at my cousins house. All of our friends and relatives came for this delightful moment. I have also posted three pictures of my family (with me being in the picture too). I figure that you can spot easily. I have had people say that me and my sister look alike but trust me there are differences now. We used to look alike in the past but now we outgrew them to be a little different.

3b6da33e-a750-2b88-0c5b-431c928823c6-download        IMG_20151201_004212        IMG_20151201_004159        IMG_20151201_004209

IMG_20151201_004215       IMG_20151201_004227       IMG_20151201_004238

IMG_20151201_004224        IMG_20151201_004235




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