My Study Habits

After taking the VARK Learning Questionnaire, I figured out that I learn effectively through a couple of ways. One is aurally and the other is kinesthetically. I will explain in a couple of short paragraphs about these two strategic ways I use.

Aural Strategies

Hearing the material several times would be something helpful for me. This is why I love being in study groups where we all make sure we learn together verbally and enthusiastically. This also gives me a chance to be corrected if I am wrong and thus learn from my mistakes. Other ways where I retain the information for a long period of time is when it is being related to a story or an example. This increases my chances of remembering the material.  Tip: Repeat the material at least two or three times!

Kinesthetic Strategics

Relating the material to a day-to-day example or maybe a special event would help me remember. Especially when it comes down to experiencing it through the senses. Saying the material in an energetic way with codes on how to retain that information would be helpful. Doing activities, experiments, or even acting it out (in certain cases)  that link to the material would increase the likeliness of remembering it.                                                                               Tip: Doing something active in the class which relates to the material is something I prefer to do!

3 thoughts on “My Study Habits

  1. I can totally relate to the way you learn! I took this survey too and I learn aurally and kinesthetically as well! I think it’s a great way to know how you learn so that you can build on that for future classes. That’s a great tip to repeat things a few times. Although it may sound tedious, but practice makes perfect! Right? I relate the kinesthetic strategies to mostly science classes because we do experiments. Now that I get that, that is why I have done so well in science classes in the past. Because of the experiments! I hope I can use these tips in my classes and hoping you do the same! 🙂

  2. I also took the survey and coincidentally I discovered that I also learn kinesthetically and aurally. I also received one more addition and that I learn visually. I think it’s great to find out about yourself and how you learn so that you can better use resources that benefit you. I do have a connection or idea! For kinesthetic strategies, that could be greatly applied to science classes since most of them have hands-on labs. That helped a lot in science classes in high school and I hope I can do the same. It’s also a great to have a professor who can speak well since it encourages you to listen more and learn better. I never thought of how that could apply to study groups but I hope you and I do consider study groups for more opinions.

  3. I also really like your tips that could actually help me as well! It’s just that I haven’t tapped quite much into the way that I learn and how I could use that in favor for myself. I hope you can maintain these tips and skills throughout your classes in college because they could be really helpful! Good luck! 🙂

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