Campus Event – Block Party!

My friends and I went to a block party held here at Georgia State.I chose this event because I thought it would be a nice way in enjoying my life here at college and with expanding my social circle. I went to the party with my roommate and a friend of mine as a group. The experience was fun. We got free food and made tie dye t-shirts. The colors for tie dye ran out in the end but we managed to somehow make the most of what we already had. They played music and we started to dance.The event was mainly to address college spirit, to create a friendly environment and to have fun. They were selling huge pretty rings and other jewelry were there! I would go again if I had the chance because I had a great time with my friends. Most of the time my friends were shouting to get the other person to hear what they were saying since the music was blared up.

I have attached a video and a few pictures that we took while we were there. I have also inserted an unsuccessful picture of my friends and I trying to take a picture with Pounce! Everyone meet Pounce in the video!


Snapchat-2423801580405962437                                     Snapchat-2597502908083371557



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