Time Management Activity

  schedule #1                schedule #2

                                     A few things that I could improve on would be to avoid procrastination, stop being lazy especially when it comes to doing things early, and taking up too much leisure time.  I am a person who gets distracted easily. As of right now, I am a highly adaptable person when it comes to moving to new environments because I have been moving around a lot in my life. So adjusting to the environment, meeting new friends and having to know what it feels like has been something I’ve been doing constantly every few years. Something I could do to prevent these challenges from happening would be to restrict myself from activities which are unnecessary to attend to like parties, hangouts with friends and being on social media for too long. Instead of making everything else other than my studies a priority, I might as well set those things as a second priority.

As shown above, the two time schedules I have listed tend to be entirely different from what I ideally want it to be. For example, my Friday schedule says that I exercise and walk around the neighborhood as compared to my ideal one, it doesn’t even mention those two things. My Friday schedule says how I visited my cousins’ house and spent a lot of fun time with family as opposed to my ideal one. It doesn’t even say anything about going over to my cousins’ house. I have posted a few pictures that I have taken at my cousins’ house of me and my family below.

Screenshot_2015-09-06-22-53-26   Screenshot_2015-09-06-22-53-42      Screenshot_2015-09-06-23-25-09Screenshot_2015-09-06-21-13-29

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