A summary of King’s “Better Online Living through Content Moderation” article

MediaHandlerWhen people think of the internet they usually think of social media or search engines. While it is probable that you will come across something that is unpleasant to you, that fact does not keep you away from using the internet. Yes, it is hard to avoid seeing offensive things on the internet because everyone is able to post what ever they want; however you can filter the post or sources that you see in order to avoid an unpleasing moment. While some people may do this out of personal beliefs or morals, a lot of people do this because those odd posts actually trigger unpleasant feelings and reactions that are often linked to PTSD.

The act of filtering information is referred to as “content control” in this article. All content control is filtering the post, images, videos, etc. that appear on the websites you use. Filtering will limit the type of media that appears. While many view this as trying to have a “safe zone” to try to limit stuff just to prevent someone’s feelings from getting hurt. This is sometimes viewed as negative because it appears as trying to limit someone from expressing their opinions just because it is offensive to someone. However, “nobody should be required to read or listen to content if they do not want to”, especially if it is hazardous to their health.

Some post trigger certain feelings in people that trigger stress or anxiety attacks. “Content control is helpful in limiting the worst of these attacks, which themselves can cause PTSD if severe or long-term enough.””Without controlled exposure, someone suffering from PTSD is likely to have their trauma magnified rather than reduced when faced with triggering content.” Many people believe that PTSD is only a disorder that results from war or military trauma. Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.21.02 AMThat is not the case. Due to the fact that a lot of people are bullied or harassed online, PTSD can result. “[T]he fact is, threats of violence online can be a cause of PTSD in and of itself.” PTSD can result from online harassment because a person is constantly being threaten or mistreated.

This is why content control is so important. Content control is not just a form of blocking out unwanted posts, but also away of protecting one’s mental state. Through limiting the amount of negative posts someone views it could reduce any unwanted feelings.




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