Behind Phipps Plaza: Annotated Bibliography

Johnson, Greg. “Scene Of The Crime.” Southern Review 30.1 (1994): 48. MasterFILE Elite. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

In the short story, “Scene of the Crime”, published for the Southern Review, Greg Johnson discusses the qualities of Phipps Plaza, and the difference between Phipps Plaza and Lenox Mall. The short story is a dialogue between a mother and a young child, the child helps states the differences between the two malls. Due to the location, stores, and price ranges both malls attract a different kind of crowd. The story is mainly intended toward the people that frequent either one of the malls, because it shows the opinions and views on the malls. The short story is helpful in showing why it is that people pick and prefer a different mall.



Hankins, Katherine B., Robert Cochran, and Kate Driscoll Derickson. “Making Space, Making Race: Reconstituting White Privilege In Buckhead, Atlanta.” Social & Cultural Geography 13.4 (2012): 379. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

Hankins, Cochran, and Derickson, university professors published an article “Making space, making race: reconstituting white privilege in Buckhead, Atlanta” for Social & Cultural Geography which publishes scholarly research articles, the article “sets out to query what social and cultural relations account for this massive and unpredicted reconfiguration of urban space in the epicenter of wealth, power, and whiteness in Atlanta.” The article collects it’s information from cases that happened years ago when the Buckhead area was starting to pick up, from interviews conducted on people that live and work in Buckhead, from personal experiences of the authors, and from other information collected through research. The purpose of the article is to show how Buckhead was created around a certain race, and it was shaped to please their liking. The article is mainly intended for the people that live around the Metro Atlanta area because it shows how their area has been specifically shaped to target a certain group of people. The article helps to highlight the issues of racism, discrimination, and the power of white privilege.



PR, Newswire. “Phipps Plaza Announces Addition Of Dynamic Luxury Residential Component.” PR Newswire US 10 July 2014: Regional Business News. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

In “Phipps Plaza Announces Addition of Dynamic Luxury Residential Component”, PR Neswire specializes in writing over Simon malls talks about the apartment complexes that were added to the area surrounding mall. The information comes from Simon, “a global leader in retail real estate”, and leaders at Simon Malls. The article describes the apartment complexes that are to be developed and what is to be expected to change around the area. The article is mainly directed to the people that are familiar with the area, and people that are in the upper middle class which would be the ones that would sign a lease. The article helps to show that the whole area surrounding Phipps Plaza is luxurious.


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