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Hosey, Lance. “Sexism Is Alive and Well in Architecture.” Weblog post. Huffington Post, 13 July 2015. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.


Lance Hosey, chief sustainability officer of Perkins Eastman, an international architectural firm, argues in “Sexism is Alive and Well in Architecture” that “emulating women’s bodies in architecture objectifies women, but it also objectifies architecture”. Supportive details come from statistics of male to female ratios, honors awarded to men and women, interviews that provide the point of view of males toward females in the architectural industry, and many historical books and buildings/statues show how women have been objectified over decades. The ultimate purpose is to show how women are objectified by the architectural industry. The article is directed towards everyone because it provides an overview of the objectification of women. The article not only provides information on how women are treated differently in the architectural industry, but also how buildings and objects are created in their image.


By: Nancy Ramirez & Destiny Dickens

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    Interesting. How might this be useful to us in our researching of the built environment?


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