Passage from Schindler’s “Architectural Exclusion”

  1. “Architectural regulation is powerful in part because it is unseen; it allows government to shape our actions without our perceiving that our experience has been deliberately shaped” (1940).

This refers to the way buildings, bridges, roads, etc. are organized to keep people out. Since the government cannot explicitly keep certain people out of places it does it discretely through its architecture. Some people may not even notice a bridge or think that it was put to keep certain cars from being able to enter. Since people are so accustomed to seeing their surroundings daily, they don’t notice the effects they have. By changing roads, signs, and buildings the government is able to shape the way people interact or socialize. Since the changes are done to stuff that we consider normal the effect is discrete. It’s just how the government sometimes changes gas prices or something significant enough to keep the people distracted from more serious problem.


  1. “By structuring our relationships, these features of the built environment control and constrain our behavior. The architected urban landscape regulates, and the architecture itself is a form of regulation” (1943).

This is very true, because of the way things are structured our daily routines are shaped. For example, crosswalks, sometimes cause people to walk a bit extra because of having to cross the roads. Short cuts or different paths can cause a person to take a different path to get to their location. Architecture affects everyone because it affects the way people do things. Some parking lots have a height limit so it prevents certain cars from coming in. Certain cars/trucks can’t fit on certain bridges so it causes them to take a different direction to get to the same place as another car. Everything is design so strategically by architects that they know how to shape it to make people go where they want them to.


  1. “…wealthy white residents of suburban Atlanta, Georgia, suburban San Francisco, California, and Washington, D.C., have organized to oppose the locating of transit stops in their communities, at least in part because transit would enable people who live in poorer areas of the cities to easily access these wealthier areas” (1962).

Many people do not have the luxury of owning a car so their main source of transportation is public transit. While there are many benefits to using public transportation it does have its limits. A train and a bus can only take you so far. After a certain point public transit does not run, so another form of transportation is needed. Due to this many people are kept out of certain neighborhoods or parts of towns. Over the years I have seen many MARTA signs taken down so those places are no longer available to commuters.


  1. “Bridge exits and highway off-ramps are often located so as to filter traffic away from wealthy communities” (1965).

I had never really noticed or paid attention to this but it is true. Wealthy neighborhoods are usually located on access roads or one way streets. This can keep certain cars from entering or entering just to make a turn. This location keeps a lot of unwanted cars and people from entering.



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