Syllabus Quiz

1.What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them.

Reading summaries

Annotated Bibliographies

Built Environment Descriptions

Built Environment Analysis

2. How will your final grade be calculated?

The grade is calculated on a unique point system. One can earn points for almost everything. Points can be earned on assignments, posts, class-work, studying, and any additional contributions. The points are added up, and base on the number of points earned the final grade will be given. The top earner in each category will determine the grading scale for that particular section.

3. What is the “submission form” and how do you use it?

The submission form is how all the assignments for the course will be turned in. The form just requires some basic information such as your name, email, the type of assignment that is being submitted, and the link to the post.

4. Embed the form below your answer (hint: Google “embed Google form” to find out how).

5. Embed the course calendar and weekly overview below this question.


6. Where on the course website can you find an overview of what’s due and the readings for each unit?

Under calendar there is an agenda and unit overview that shows the assignments and readings due. There is a description week by week in the unit overview, and in the agenda the upcoming weeks are broken down more specifically.

7. What is the best way to see an overview of what’s due each week?

The agenda is the best way because it describes what has to be done for that week in detail.

8. What is the attendance policy?

The course follows the university attendance policy. Students earn points for coming to class and lose points for not coming to class. Points are also deducted if a student is late.

9. What are my office hours, and how do you make an appointment to see me outside of class?

Office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. If the office hours do not work you can contact Professor Arrington through email ( and set up an appointment that better fits your schedule. You can also meet via WebEx or Google hangout if you are not able to make it on campus.

10. How do you earn participation credit? Provide a link to the instructions/guidelines for participation.

You can earn participation credit through being active in class. By reading the assigned readings you’ll be able to participate in the discussions. By turning in work on time or organizing study groups, points can be earned as well.

11. How many points can you earn by participating in or organizing a study group session?

You can earn up to 25 points. The amount of points will depend on the reflection written after the group session.

12. How can you be assured of earning an “A” in this course?

By earning at least 2,500 points.

13. What are the minimum requirements for earning a passing grade of “C”?

Earning at least 1,475 points. This means that only a minimum score was attained for each project and only four classes were missed.

14. What do you do if you’re not sure how to document your participation in order to earn points?

You can either ask after class or go to office hours. Points will be earned for asking the question, attending office hours, and for finding a way to make it available to the class.


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