Ireland and the South

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Quinlan and listening to Gavan Lennon about the various links between Ireland and the southern United States. I’ve been a part of this link my whole life without ever naming it or being aware that it was something outside of my own experience. I remember as a child my fascination with […]

The Parallels of Ireland and the U.S. South

Kieran Quinlan’s introduction, in conjunction with Gavan Lennon’s podcast appearance, delves into the complex parallels between Ireland and the U.S. South. Beginning with Quinlan’s book Strange Kin: Ireland & the American, we’re introduced to the unique connection Ireland and the Southern states in America share due to their historical similarities, while also elaborating on their […]

Ireland & the U.S. South

For your third blog post, we’re exploring the relationship between Ireland, the UK, and the U.S. South.  Reading: Quinlan, Kieran. “Introduction.” Strange Kin: Ireland & the American South. LSU Press, 2005. Listening: “North & South Elsewhere,” About South Podcast. Frederick Douglass writes in his Narrative: “I went one day down on the wharf of Mr. […]